Our history

ON THE TRAILS OF corto maltese IN "corte sconta detta arcana"

It all began back in 1980...

The Trattoria Corte Sconta was born out of the dissatisfaction in their work of two friends, Claudio Proietto and Giampiero Tegon, but above all the desire to test themselves in a new enterprise: the opening of an osteria – trattoria.
Claudio worked as a surveyor in Urban Planning of the municipality of Venice, while Giampiero as a concierge at the Savoia and Jolanda hotel. The two friends also involved their wives, Rita and Lena, who accepted.

The location was chosen, even if a little outside the historical city centre, for its beautiful courtyard with a centenary vine dating back to 1883, which in summer, as well as providing shade, produces Pinot Blanc grapes.

With the help of the architect Sergio Ballini, Claudio’s colleague and friend, who also worked for Afra and Tobia Scarpa (son of the famous architect Carlo Scarpa), it was possible to achieve a quality restoration with unique details: the brass bar at the entrance to the restaurant, the lowering of burnt wood, the choice of special white paper on the walls – the one chosen by Munari for his lamps – the black and yellow colors that surround the windows and doors, the lamps made to measure in Murano and the Palladian-style floor, resistant and frequently used in shops and taverns.  
The osteria’s offer quickly evolves into something more structured and complex, until, by the end of the eighties, with the contribution of new partner Lucia Zambon, a small wine list is also structured. From a simple osteria, Corte Sconta transforms into a trattoria that serves antipasti, first and second courses cooked at the moment and accompanied by home-made bread with sourdough also thanks to the contribution of the first chef Eugenio Oro.


 The business remains a family run one, with Marco Proietto also starting to make his first steps in the dining room, eventually becoming a sommelier. During these twenty years, Corte sees its guests as actors, artists, directors, and writers, many of whom go from being simple customers to friends. To name a few: Sydney Lumet, Mel Brooks, Mick Jagger, Lou Reed and many others.
In 2019, the management was completely handed over to Marco Proietto who strongly desired to make the proposal more contemporary, without betraying the expectations of regular customers, trying to have a future outlook with a foot planted in the Venetian culinary tradition. The wine list expands and also accepts wines from the rest of Europe, mainly France, Germany, Austria, and Greece. There is also an attempt to have an ethical approach to both viticulture and food, avoiding buying raw materials from large distributors.